Alumni Testimonies

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Jenevy Fish

Jenevy Fish, a 2007 graduate of Yangon Christian College & Seminary (YCCS), recently told Lazarus,

“My YCCS education enabled me to establish Faith Children home in Larshio, Shan State. The Faith Children ministry focuses on Palaung children who lost their parents during the civil war in northern Myanmar. They are purely Buddhists but the cross-cultural studies at YCCS have helped us communicate the gospel to them meaningfully. About 79% of the children at the home were Buddhist but we educate them, and most of all, bring them to the knowledge of Christ and baptize them in the name of Jesus”

She asked Lazarus to tell the supporters of YCCS in the United States,

“I can never forget my time at YCCS. Dr. Fish always made us aware of how the supporters in USA were praying for us and supporting us financially for the sake of equipping us and spreading the gospel in Myanmar and Asia. I feel deeply in my heart in my heart indescribably for your love and kindness expressed to us. May the Lord our God continue to bless you more in the days to come.”

Jenevy is only one of the 263 graduates of YCCS who are bringing Buddhists to Christ in Myanmar because of your generous and faithful gifts in Jesus’ name. Only God knows the full extent of their impact for the Kingdom of God. Lazarus, Acha, the MACM board, YCCS students and graduates, and all the MACM workers praise God that you “excel in this grace of giving” II Cor. 8:7.

Ngwa Jar

Ngwa Jar is a graduate student at Yangon Christian College & Seminary (YCCS) and hails from Latt Pan Htar Village in northern Myanmar. His village is a six-hour flight north of Yangon. He recently told Lazarus,

“I chose YCCS because it is one of the renowned Bible colleges in Myanmar, having outstanding teachers who are gifted in teaching biblical, theological, and cross-cultural studies. It also offers the opportunity to learn vocal and instrumental (guitar and keyboard) music. While at YCCS, I have learned that serving God is not only through knowledge of Him and His word, but also through use of the talents and gifts God provides. I have learned how to live my spiritual life that brings honor to God, and to live without fear in the favor of God rather than people.”

Following graduation, Ngwa Jar plans to teach at the MACM Bible school in Khamti Township in Nagaland and then evangelize Naga people [who are mostly animists rather than Buddhists] as his ministry. When Lazarus asked him, “What would you like to say to the supporters of YCCS in the US,” Ngwa Jar responded:

“I want to express my deep heart-felt thanks to the supporters of YCCS. Our families and mother churches are very poor not being able to support us. It is because of the supporters of YCCS from USA that we are able to finish up our studies without fear and worries. We are so grateful to you for being such wonderful friends in Christ.”

Lazarus and the MACM Board also thank you for your generosity (“You will be made rich in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion…” II Cor. 9:11), which is helping equip Ngwa Jar for Great-Commission work in Nagaland and Myanmar.