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Updates on Open Air program in northern Myanmar and others
March and April 2018

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to you from Lazarus and Acha in the name of Jesus. Currently we are enjoying the summer break March through May. Many of the students returned home but still 20 students remain at YCCS. To this point, two summer break ministries have been carried out: (1) Isaiah, Seth, Di Di and friends’ trip Nagaland conducting short-term Bible seminar and (2) the summer open air preaching and music program successfully held at six separate places in Kachin state. We thank you so much for your prayers and financial support for reaching thousands of people with the gospel through both ministries in March and April. Detailed report on the two summer gospel trips are as follows.

Open air preaching and music program in Kachin state
A group of us comprised of 21 persons from YCCS left Yangon on March 27th for the open air preaching and music program in Kachin state. It was the first time within the 14 years, traveling with a self-own bus. The bus was heavily loaded with the music equipment plus 21 passengers which included YCCS students, and musicians, plus three Christian popular singers from Yangon. The bus functioned very well driving 1,400 miles on both ways except a few things in the bus being fixed. Since the bus was able to carry both the music equipment and people, we were able to reach designated places in time without a delay. It saved money, time and energies. It is a great blessing to have the bus for the music ministry. It really facilitates the ministry.

The purpose of the trip was to reach the young people of both believers and unbelievers in Kachin state, especially to the narcotic drug addicted young people. The six churches that accommodated us for the programs included three Christian churches, one Assembly of God and two Lisu Christian churches in Myitkyina (the capital of Kachin state) and Nam Dee areas. The first concert was held at Shwe Zek AG church on March 29th and over 500 young people joined the program. The second concert was held at Bethany Lisu Christian church on March 30th and about 1,500 people joined the program. The third was conducted at Pan Ma Dee Christian church on March 31st the largest Christian church in Myitkyina area and 1,300 people came and listened our music and preaching program. The fourth was held at Ma Khaw Dee Christian church on Spril 1st and about 700 young people joined the concert. The fifth was held at Khar Shi Lisu Christian church on April 2nd and about 900 young people participated in the program. The above five churches are located in Myitkyina area. The last concert was held at Nam Dee Christian church on April 4th. Nam Dee city is located 25 miles away from Myitkyina. Over 500 young people joined the concert in Nam Dee.

During the week, we were able to reach over 5,500 with the gospel message and music. 80% of the participants were young people. The program included praise and worship program, solo singing, gospel dance and preaching. Lazarus and Andrew were privileged to preach to hundreds of young people in very night. We had sown the seed of the gospel among thousands of young people and believe that the Holy Spirit will do His part to make the seed sprout, grow and bear fruits. The leaders from every church that accommodated us expressed their deep appreciation to us and requested not to omit them when we return for another program in the future.

Gospel trip to Nagaland
A group of 12 persons which included Isaiah, Seth, Di Di and other Christian leaders from Tanai traveled to Nagaland in March 9th and arrived there on 11st. We are reported that the first Bible seminar was held at Tak Ho Thi Christian church in Pang Saung township. The seminar was held for three days and 120 persons attended. The second was held at Ka Kyi Christian church in Tong Hee township. The seminar was held for another three days and 150 persons joined the seminar.. The last seminar was held in La Hay city for three days and 300 persons attended the seminar. Isaiah, Seth, Di Di and other friends respectively taught at the seminar depending on ages. On the way back to home, they stopped by in Nam Yung city on March 23rd, and had fellowshipped with the Christians there with the word of God. Naga people are the most primitive people in Southeast Asia. MACM had already been involved in Nagaland since 2016 in terms of the Bible training program. We plans more ministry involvement in the future. Please pray for this. Thank you so much, we love you.

Seth, Isaiah and Di Di are currently on the mission trip to Nagaland. They left Myitkyina on March 8th and now in Naga hill. Naga people are the most primitive people in Myanmar. They also took used clothes with them to help the poor there. We provided the transportation fees for the clothes. They will be conducting Bible seminar at three separate places in the region. Please pray for them and we will hear more from them when they arrive back home.

In His service
Lazarus and Acha Fish

macm_apr_2018_01 macm_apr_2018_02
The audience who came to listen to the Net music band’s music performance in Tong Tay city on March 25th. Ah Si, Lisu singer singing at the open air program in Tong Tay. Over 3,000 people joined the concert.


macm_apr_2018_03 macm_apr_2018_04
Our musicians only played the instrument but the music equipment hired from other people. 21 persons of us from Yangon traveled with the bus. The road is to Myitkyina is not very good.


macm_apr_2018_05 macm_apr_2018_06
We have flat tyre and a few repairs made in Myitkyina. It is a blessing to have this bus. This is how it looks inside the bus during traveling. We all smiled with gladness.


macm_apr_2018_07 macm_apr_2018_08
YCCS gospel dance group did very well in their performance. The theme of our trip was, “Youth For Christ.” The audience who joined the open air program held at Ram Bo Lisu Christian church.


macm_apr_2018_09 macm_apr_2018_10
Ngwa Sar Ki and Mar Nu leading praise and worship program in every night before the program began. The audience who participated in the program held at Pa Ma Dee Christian church.


macm_apr_2018_11 macm_apr_2018_12
Lazarus was privileged to share the word of God with the young people in very night. Saw Aung Myo, the Karen popular singer praising God. The wreath was put on by the audience.


macm_apr_2018_13 macm_apr_2018_14
80 percent of those who participated in the open air program were young people. Lazarus preaching at the concert held at the Pa Ma Dee Christian church.


macm_apr_2018_15 macm_apr_2018_16
The audience who joined the concert held at Khar Shi Lisu Christian church. Our preaching and encouragement from the word of God was about how to be youth for Christ.


macm_apr_2018_17 macm_apr_2018_18
Soma, the Chin Christian singer did very well in his singing at every night. He sings both in English and Burmese very well. Lazarus introduced every single person of our group to the audience before the program began.


macm_apr_2018_19 macm_apr_2018_20
The Lisu political leaders who joined the Lisu national development party’s conference held in Myitkyina. Lazarus was also privileged to speak at the Lisu national development party’s conference.


macm_apr_2018_21 macm_apr_2018_22
Lazarus preaching at the concert held in Nam Dee city. Andrew also helped me preached at the concert. This is how the music equipment brought out of the bus and set up every night. Yar Zar, our sound engineer did it very well.


macm_apr_2018_23 macm_apr_2018_24
This shows how it looks like on the stage with the music equipment we took. The concert was wrapped up with our joining hands in prayer in Nam Dee city.


macm_apr_2018_25 macm_apr_2018_26
The group members on the Nagaland gospel trip included 11 persons. They used two trucks driving to the hilly region. The group members together with the Naga Christian leaders in front of the Lo Wah Christian church in Nagaland.


macm_apr_2018_27 macm_apr_2018_28
Some Naga brothers came in half way and helped push the bus stuck in the mud. Some places along the way gave them a hard time. Pushing is the only choice to get the car off the mud.


macm_apr_2018_29 macm_apr_2018_30
These are the two trucks that transported the 11 persons. They are four-wheeled drive car. This is a typical village of the Naga people, made of wood, bamboo and thatch roofing.


macm_apr_2018_31 macm_apr_2018_32
Naga people prefer to live on top of the hill 4000 feet high above sea level. Some Naga house is 100 feet long with several rooms inside the house. Three generations live in one house.


macm_apr_2018_33 macm_apr_2018_34
Di Di teaching at one of the youth seminar held in Nagaland. The youths are passionate to learn the word of God. Small boys and girls have separate locations to be taught by the group members.


macm_apr_2018_35 macm_apr_2018_36
Many of the Naga people understand Burmese but some places required interpreter to Naga language. All of the young people understand Burmese and so our folks used Burmese language to teach them.


macm_apr_2018_37 macm_apr_2018_38
They also taught the ladies separately in the house. MACM plans to get more involved in Nagaland in the future. Di Di and Paul teaching the young people at one of the churches in La Hey Township.


macm_apr_2018_39 macm_apr_2018_40
Isaiah teaching to the church elders at one of the Naga Christian churches. Rice package wrapped up with leaves is common to all tribal people in Myanmar.


macm_apr_2018_41 macm_apr_2018_42
Every night, they held a concert at every place. Our group took a small portable music equipment with them. That shows how the Naga people build their houses with wood, bamboo, and rattan strings.


macm_apr_2018_43 macm_apr_2018_44
Isaiah Fish with a Naga family after being shared with them a clothing. During the trip, 21 young people both boys and girls accepted Jesus and baptized in the name of Jesus.


macm_apr_2018_45 macm_apr_2018_46
It is common for the Naga people to use thatch for roofing. It lasts only three years. The columns of the Naga house are mostly woods and bamboo along with the bamboo mat walls.


macm_apr_2018_47 macm_apr_2018_48
The log has several holes for pounding rice and corns. Di Di and Seth demonstrating. Di Di also taught the small boys and girls the gospel songs.


macm_apr_2018_49 macm_apr_2018_50
Naga hunters prefer to hang the skulls of the games and birds on the wall. Collection of animal skulls are typical for them. That is how the Naga people dry the meats on the bonfire for preservation.


macm_apr_2018_51 macm_apr_2018_52
Titus Bee, our missionary in the northeast of Shan state preaching at one of the churches in the area. This is the Esther day celebration in the northeast Shan state on April 8th.


macm_apr_2018_53 macm_apr_2018_54
The church members of the Lo Kha Christian church in the northeast Shan state. There are seven churches planted in the Shan state. They celebrated Esther day collectively.


macm_apr_2018_55 macm_apr_2018_56
The boys and girls have learned in the area how to sing interpreted songs. Titus Bee teaching at the summer youth training program in the northeast of Shan state in March.


macm_apr_2018_57 macm_apr_2018_58
Titus Bee is our missionary in northeast Shan state preaching at one of the local churches. This is the small Christian church in the Shan state that Titus has planted.


macm_apr_2018_59 macm_apr_2018_60
Many of the converts from animism in the Shan state are predominately young people being baptized in His name. This little pond helps them baptize the young people who accepted Jesus as their Lord.


macm_apr_2018_61 macm_apr_2018_62
This is one of Lisu villages where Titus has been evangelizing since 1997. These are the local form- produce that have been brought to the church service as an offering to God.


macm_apr_2018_63 macm_apr_2018_64
Only polluted water is available at the village. The creeks and rivers are far away down to the valley. The young people in northeast have also learned how to play guitar and keyboard to worship God.