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Updates on the Summer Youth Camp and Women Seminar
April 2019

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to you from Myanmar on behalf of MACM workers. As reported to you before, 21 persons of us left Yangon on April 10th. As we were approaching Kachin state border, our bus was hit by a big cargo truck. As a result, the front left corner was badly damaged including the wind sheet. By the grace of God, no one was hurt except the lead guitarist’s nick was cut. But now he is healed. The cargo truck driver got away. However, the bus still operates very well and we made our trip to Danai and conducted the youth camps successfully.

The youth camp was held at Aye Thu Kha Christian church from April 15th through 17th as being scheduled. By the grace of God, 450 young people attended the camp. Danai is very well known as a land infested by drug abused people, mostly male. At the camp only one quarter of the 450 youths are boys. It has been estimated that 80% of the young boys in Danai have been affected by narcotic drug. Many young people in Danai make money by working for the gold mining companies where all kinds of drugs are easily available in a cheaper way.

We taught different topics at the camp from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon for three days focusing on drug related issues and trying to educate and bringing them to the knowledge of Christ. YCCS students also taught gospel songs, dance and games from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm for three days. Plus, the concert was held at every night with participation of the young people in terms of singing, dancing and others. The church leaders in Danai wholeheartedly appreciated us for organizing and supporting such large gathering of the young people and teaching them the word of God. They also affirmed that it was the first larger youth program ever held in Danai with a music band drawing the attention of the young people. The youth camp was successfully concluded with the last concert held on April 17th.. which included preaching, singing, award presentation, and farewell from 7: pm to10:00 pm. After, the youth camp was completed, we traveled to four different places in Danai area and conducted open air preaching and music programs. The message had focused on drug abused young people and our new musicians did very good job in playing the music. The new JBL speakers and drum recently purchased produced the best sound quality ever and touched the hearts of many people.

We are also glad to inform you that the women seminar was also successfully concluded. About 200 women joined the seminar with all their hearts. Seven ladies from YCCS under Acha’s leadership taught at the seminar with different topics that strengthened the women spiritually and mentally. We had been previously informed that many of the women in Danai do not know Christ personally. They spent times of gossiping and backbiting in the community. By doing so, the unity in the community is hurt. We also learned that some women addicted to drugs. The teachings at the seminar had focused on reinforcing their spiritual life. We also taught how to make church decorations, how to cook, how to sing choirs as well as interpretive gospel songs. The majority of the women at the seminar are Lisu but also it included women from Nagaland and some Burmese. It was the first time for us to conduct the women seminar in Danai. The church leaders in Danai expressed their deeper appreciation and thanks to us for leading the youth camp and women seminar in such good preparations covering different areas of needs for the young people and women. Especially, we thank you so much to our loving ladies and the churches that provided all the needs for the youth camp and women seminar. God richly bless you all.

MACM is also being involved in evangelism to the Naga people in Lehay, Dohe, Pansak and Nam Yom areas. These four territories accommodate approximately 200 villages with 10,000 families. The population of those fours areas reached 300,000 people. Since 1968, the Lisu missionaries from Putao evangelized the Naga people in those areas. As a result, 30 Christian churches have been planted to this date. . We can say that 30 villages have been reached with the gospel. There are also some Baptist churches. 70% of the Naga people in the areas are still unreached with the gospel. Since 2014, under the leadership of Isaiah, Seth and Di Di, MACM has conducted short-term Bible seminars eight times at eight different places in those four areas. The seminar for 2019 was conducted at Dohe Christian church from March 12nd through 17th. 230 young people attended the youth camp in Nagaland.

We also want to inform you that the construction work of the cafeteria and restroom building of DBTS (Danai Bible training school) is already started. We received some funds to start the construction and if we receive enough funds to complete we will finish in the second week of June. Thanks a lot to those who provide for the needed funds for the construction works. Finally, we want to inform you that the 2019-20 academic year will start in June with the largest enrollment of 60 students. The Fall semester will begin on June 6th. Above all, thank you so much for being such a wonderful blessing to us in His service. Thanks, we love you.

In His service
Lazarus and Acha Fish

The 21 students who traveled to Danai on April 10th with Lazarus. By the grace of God, we reached Danai even though the bus was badly damaged. The engine functions very well.


When we reached Danai, the church leaders and members of the churches warmly welcomed us. Only a special guests are welcomed in this way. The first time ever reached Danai with the bus.


Lazarus meeting with evangelistic committee members and discussed on evangelism in Danai. Lazarus together with the school committee members of DBTS in front of Lumung Kha Christian church.


Before the youth camp was begun, we spent a day and enjoyed a picnic at Tawang riverside with some local people. The boys and girls also enjoyed swimming at the river.


We also enjoyed a lunch meal with a tasteful roasted Fish from the river. Lazarus meeting with the school committee of DBTS and discussed on construction of the cafeteria and  bathrooms.


Lazarus delivering the funds in a ten thousand kyats bills for the construction of the cafeteria. Lazarus teaching the young people at the camp on “Youth as the future stars.”


This big class includes the young people ages from 15-25 years of age. Andrew from Myitkyina accompanied us and taught at the youth camp and also preached at the concert.


Jay Joseph, the keyboard players teaching choruses to the young people at the camp. Dr. Dakum also taught at the camp on “Youth for Christ.”


Khi Khi Jay, the drummer teaching gospel songs to the young people at the camp. These are the new musicians for the Net Music Band. They did very well on the first united music programs.


Each day, Phong Aung, the third year student was in charge of lighting on the stage. Ngwa Sar Ki, the MACM sound engineer set up and controlled the sound system.


This concert was held at Aye Thu Kha Christian church compound. We have five players, one is for rhythm. The first experience ever but they did very well.


She won the first prize in solo singing competition. Her name is Ah Du. She is coming to YCCS at the Fall. This is another class for the kids ages from 7 to 12 years of age.


This is a group picture of the 450 young people who heartedly attended the youth camp program. Jay Si Nu, the chairman of Danai evangelistic committee delivering an award to the winner. He is an alumni of YCCS.


The young people enjoying the games played during the comp program. Philip, the minister of Aye Thu Kha Christian church presenting an award to the winner in the vocal conte.


Lazarus preaching on the open air program held at Lamung Kha Christian church. Andrew presenting the award to the girl who won first prize in the dance contest.


Over 40 boys and girls also joined d in the model competition. Lazarus presenting the award to the second winner of the girl’s vocal competition.


The youth camp was concluded with shaking hands by the end of the last concert. He was reduced to skeleton and asked us to pray for him so that he may be rest in Christ. We prayed and died that night.


There were four singers joined from Myitkyina in time of the open air program started on April 19th. This concert was held at the Grace AG church upon a special invitation by the church leader.


Lazarus and Andrew delivering words of encouragement to the drug addicted young people at the center. The performance of the dance by YCCS girls which touched the hearts of many young people.


Lazarus sharing the word of God with the drug abused men and women at the drug rehabilitation center in Danai. YCCS girls dancing the gospel song in Lisu costume.


Our new sound system produces outstanding vocal singing that every word is heard by the audience. Lazarus preaching at Zion Christian church in Danai. It is a newly planted church.


The audience who joined the concert conducted at Lamung Kha Christian church on April 20th. YCCS’ special drama performance which educates the drug abused young people.


The audience who joined the concert held at Zan Pyak Christian church on April 22nd. YCCS students gospel dance. The gospel dance is widely accepted in Myanmar.


The seven ladies from MACM ,from the left: Deborah, Deborah, Acha, Sarah Bee, Yaw Thwin, Naomi and Ma Grace. Acha and Deborah meeting with the local church leaders and discussed on the seminar.


The women who attended the seminar with curiosity and enthusiasm. Rice package is very common among the Lisu people. A typical leave is used for the purpose.


Deborah teaching on “the roles of women at the church.” The seminar was held at Lamung Kha Christian church. Ma Grace teaching how to make a decoration at the church. Many ladies are interested in this handicraft.


The women seminar includes girls and here learning how to sing interpretive songs. At the closing ceremony, the Danai church leaders presented a souvenirs to all ladies from MACM.


Acha is receiving a souvenir from the chairman of the women association in Danai. Acha Yaw Thwe, the YCCS M.Div student teaching the gospel dance to the ladies.


Isaiah and Seth Fish traveled to Nagaland in March. Many young people attended the youth camp conducted in Naga hill. This is a typical house of the Naga people. It is mostly made of bamboo and wood.


Seth reported us that 230 young people attended the youth camp held in Dohe. The girl on the right is YCCS student. The two girls taught the gospel song and dance.


The Nagaland trip included some from Danai and some from China border under the leadership of Isaiah and Seth. The Christian brothers and sisters shook hands as our folks are departing.


A special need for bus repair

  1. The wind sheet replacement 1,700,000 kyats ($1,135)
  2. Parts replacement 1,200,000 kyats ($800)
  3. Labor charge including painting 1,600,000 kyats
    The total = $3,000.00

Note: if you want to contribute to this need. Please contact Brent Tippin, our forwarding agent.

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