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Updates on Graduation and Relief Work
February 2019

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to you from Myanmar in the name of Jesus Christ. By the grace of God, the 2018-19 Academic year was successfully concluded with the twelve graduation ceremony held on February 23rd. As reported to you before, ten students which includes a senator from Myanmar national parliament had been conferred degrees. The senator’s name is Je Yaw Wu, a Lisu who had done such excellent job for our country and the Lisu people. YCCS had conferred him with Doctor of Divinity as honorary degree. He also helped YCCS in case of needs concerning with the government.

We also want to inform you that MACM USA board members (Warren Knoles, Brent and Donna Tippin, and Rob Pal) had participated during the week in terms of preaching at the graduation ceremony and teaching at the Bible seminar. The church leaders from Tanai and Myitkyina, and the YCCS students were so encouraged by their presence and testimonies. Donna Tippin’s personal testimony also touched the hearts of many people.

We also would like to invite our friends from the supporting churches to visit us. We welcome either individuals or a mission team. The best time to visit us is in January and February. If you visit the last week of February, you can also participate in the graduation. If you plan to teach, we can organize a seminar for you. Please come and visit us.

During the week (Feb. 18th-21st), eight YCCS alumni joined the seminar and shared their respective ministry experiences with YCCS students. The eight alumni work in Yangon engaged in church planting, children ministry and evangelism. To this date, 14 graduates of YCCS engaging in urban ministry in Yangon reaching the Buddhists with the gospel

Relief work in Rakhine state
The relief work was carried out in Kyauk Taw in northern Rakhine state. It took three days from January 28th through 30th. Rakhine state is internationally known because of the Muslim issues. Rakhine ethnic group is the majority in Rakhine state who make up 89% of the Rakhine state population. Almost 100% of Rakhine ethnic people are Buddhists.

In the last December during the Christmas convention, as we traveled by a motorboat up along the Kalatan river to the Christmas convention, we came across with a number of bamboo rafts drifting down along the river. Each raft was packed with hundreds of refugees heading to the refugee camps in Kyauk Taw due to the battle between Myanmar troop and Rakhine rebel had escalated. Rakhine rebel known as AA (Arakan army) has been fighting against the government army for autonomous administration in Kakhine state. It has been estimated that over 370 families, approximately 1,870 members from over18 villages have taken refuge at the four camps in Kyauk Taw. Kyauk Taw is a district city located northern Rakhine state.

We received a grant from IDES for helping the refugees at the four camps in Kyauk Taw. The urgent needs for the refugees were rice, blankets and mosquito nets. We have distributed 748 bags of rice, 500 mosquito nets and 464 blankets to 374 families at the four refugee camps. It was such a wonderful privilege for us to demonstrate the greatness of God’s love toward the people in such a marvelous way. I also spoke on different occasions at the camps. We also met multiple families and individuals, sharing them the word of God and extension of God’s love through the American Christians in United States. The fact is that the hearts of many people had been deeply touched with the love of Christ demonstrated in such practical way.

There are also 45 Christian churches planted among Myu ethnic group living in northern Rakhine state. A Bible school has been established in Kyauk Taw based on the 45 Christian churches in the area. the principal of the school is Sein Tun who is a graduate from YCCS. He and Maung Maung (the chairman of the Myu evangelistic committee) accompanied me in the distribution of the relief supplies to the four camps. We have a good relationship with the Myu evangelistic committee and other Christian leaders in northern Rakhine state. We plan to follow up the Buddhist refugees we helped, through the Myu Christians in northern Rakhine state so that we may bring more Buddhists to the knowledge of God. We also plan to work with the students from the Bible school in the sharing of the gospel to the Buddhists at the camps.

In His service
Lazarus and Acha Fish

YCCS students and the Church leaders from Tanai and Myitkyina waiting for the arrival of friends from USA. Our friends from USA have been warmly welcomed at the airport by friends from Myanmar.


The seminar was conducted from February 18th-20th for three days. Warren, Brent and Rob taught at the seminar. They all did very good job of teaching on Baptism, the Lord’s supper and the book of Philemon.


The graduates together with faculty members of YCCS and the friends from United States. The ten graduated students together with the senator whom we have conferred Doctor of Divinity degree.


The graduated students were encouraged by the word of God and also praying for their future ministries. The Fish family members together with Warren, Donna, Brent and Rob at the graduation ceremony.


A special concert was conducted on February 21st, as part of the twelve graduation ceremony. The eight YCCS alumni together with our friends from USA and the Fish family.


Our USA friends enjoying a friendly conversation with YCCS students. We joined our hands together in prayers before the departure of friends for USA.


Over 500 bags of rice and blankets ready for distribution to the refugees camps. We have distributed 2 bags of rice, one mosquito net and one blanket to each family of 367 families.


A pile of rice bags at camp # 2 together with the Myu Christian leaders who participated in the distribution of the supplies. The rice bags at camp # 4 ready to deliver to the refugees.


The majority of the refugees are Buddhists. It was a privilege to express God’s love to them in such a wonderful way. Some of the mosquito nets and blankets ready for distribution. We distributed 500 mosquito nets and 464 blankets.


Each day, Lazarus was privileged to say a few words about Jesus and His love before distribution of the supplies. The Buddhists were amazed at the supplies delivered by the American Christians from another hemisphere.


Sein Tun, the principal of the Bible school delivering the relief supplies to the refugees. The camp # 1 which has 620 members of 123 families. The temporary shelters spreading over the rice paddy field.


The camp leaders presented us a certificate of their appreciation. We delivered all supplies with our hands at each camp.