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Updates on Christmas Conventions and Others
January 2019

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to you in the name of Jesus. We hope you had enjoyed the Christmas and a happy New Year celebrations and so did we have. Our participation in the three Christmas conventions was going very well and now looking forward to the eleventh commencement exercise to be held on February 23rd. Friends from USA are participating in the graduation in terms of preaching and teaching.

Participation in the Christmas Conventions
Christmas is being celebrated as the most exuberant event of the year. YCCS has been privileged of participating in different Christmas conventions with sound system, music equipment and concert. The music contribution to the three Christmas conventions in this year is the most successful one with the new sound system and music equipment, recently upgraded. It produces incredible sound quality and touched the hearts of thousands of the people during the Christmas conventions.

The first Christmas convention (December 3rd-5th) was held in Myawody, Karen state in the east. About 600 Christians from the Christian churches in the southern Myanmar joined the convention. Myawody is located across the river from Maesot in Thailand. The Christian leaders from Thailand including Rony Morse also participated in the teaching at the convention. We did not take our music equipment to Myawody Christmas convention except the concert performed at the night of December 4th. On the way back to Yangon, our bus broke down which required rebuilding the whole engine and we spent two days and one night at the roadside. Now the bus runs very well.

The second and third Christmas conventions were held in Rakaing state in the southwest. We took a tedious drive to Rakaing state for two days and one night to get to there. We drove the bus over Ann Mountain range, 3400 feet high above sea level, took us 11 hours over the steep mountain. It was very challenging and adventurous trip to Rakaing state. After a long driving, the price was paid off, and we reached Kyaut Taw, the city in the north of Rakaing state. The two Christmas conventions were held in Kyaut Taw district. The first one was celebrated at Kyaut Tan Christian church, 43 miles away from Kyaut Taw. The celebration lasted for two days and two nights. About 500 Rakaing believers from 11 Christian churches joined the convention. We provided sound system, music equipment and performed the Christmas concert (singing, dance and drama) for two nights along with the local youngsters.

The second/final Christmas was held at Sit Gwin Christian church travelled by motorboat. Over 600 Christians from 12 Christian churches in the area participated in the convention. We again provided sound system and music equipment. The Christmas concert was performed two nights together with the local youths. Lazarus was especially privileged to preach and teach the word of God at the three Christmas conventions. Eleven young people accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior and baptized in His name during the two Christmas conventions in Rakaing state. The fighting between Myanmar army and Rakaing rebel was intensified that leaves thousands of the locals homeless and currently concentrating at the refugee camps in Kyaut Taw. One of the Myanmar army frontline units entered the village where our first Christmas (25.12.2019) was being held. They asked us to reduce the sound level and we did it.

Lazarus and Sarah also taught at the first Lisu youth conference held in Kachin state. Over 2,000 youths from across the country joined the conference.

Upcoming ministry
The women seminar will be held in Tanai on March 11st-13rd. Acha will be leading the seminar. Four additional ladies from Yangon are going to teach at the seminar. YCCS has been invited to the youth conference to be held in Putao where the majority of the Christian churches are located. Hundreds of young people from over 45 churches are joining the conference. 22 selected YCCS students under Lazarus’ leadership are planning to participate in April. We will drive the bus to Putao.

In His service
Lazarus and Acha Fish

The bus being loaded with 22 people and all music equipment plus two generators, crossing the Ann mountain in Rakaing. The bus has two engines, one is for driving and the other for air-conditioner with very comfortable seats.


Lazarus was greatly privileged with preaching and teaching at every Christmas convention. The audience present at the Myawody Christmas convention from all the Christian churches in southern Myanmar.


Gospel dance is widely accepted in Myanmar and China. Most attractive presentation to the young and old people alike. YCCS also teach the students how to interpret the gospel songs by dance. Here YCCS boys dancing.


The Myu Rakaing Christians praising God at the Christmas convention. Sitting on the ground is a typical style of occupation at the festivals.


Myu Rakaing tribe praising God with their own traditional dance at the Christmas. YCCS students celebrated after the last night concert in Myawody was successfully completed.


People enjoyed the concert in every night. The concert last 3 and half hours every night. The mechanic took time almost midnight to disassemble the engine.


It took another more than one day to assemble the whole engine and now working perfectly. We had change three old tyres with new ones in order to make sure that we are safe.


Ann mountain range provides us scenic views over the horizon. The roads are not wide enough but not bad condition. The road is on top of 3200 feet high, Ngwa Sar Ki and Lazarus carefully drove the bus.


We enjoyed a lot driving the mountain range. We learned a lot of good lessons through the experiences. People here are not time-oriented but occasion-oriented people. You can preached 30-60 minutes as you wish.


I met Sein Tun with blue shirt, one of YCCS alumni with his brother. Both are Christian leaders in Rakaing state. Some places cannot be accessible by land road. We took a motorboat to transport our people and music equipment.


YCCS girls helped making stage decoration for the Christmas celebration. We rode a motorboat to the second Christmas celebration in Rakaing state. It took us two hours to get to the place.


Both women and kids like the concert. We carried the music equipment by hands from the boat to the bank of the river.


This is how the people eat both dinner and lunch together at the Christmas convention. It is a fellowship meal. YCCS students singing a group song at the Christmas convention.


Lazarus together with the Christian leaders in Rakaing state. They are the ones who lead the 41 churches in the state. Together with other Lisu leaders from Thailand, China, Malaysia, Myanmar and USA at the Lisu youth conference.


Lazarus and group were warmly welcomed back by YCCS students after two weeks of traveling. Over 2,000 youths attended the Lisu youth conference held in Kachin state.


The students cleaning the bus inside and outside and making ready for another trip. Lazarus speaking at the Lisu youth conference.


Sarah Fish was presented a present as a token of appreciation after speaking at the Lisu youth conference. The Fish family members, Acha, Sarah, Rachel and Lazarus with the Christmas tree.


Lazarus teaching at the convention meeting of the Christian churches in Myanmar. Over 250 pastors attended. Three souls are won to Christ in Yangon. They were baptized in the name of Jesus.


Over 250 leaders from the Christian churches across the country joined the annual convention meeting. 11 souls have been brought to Christ in Rakaing state and baptized in Jesus’ name during the Christmas.


YCCS students enjoyed the Christmas eve. During the week of our presence in Rakaing state, hundreds of refugees arrived in Kyaut Taw by rafts. They left their homes.