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Visitation to the supporting churches and updates
July 2018

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to you from Lazarus and Acha on behalf of the MACM workers. By the grace of God, Lazarus and Rachel have safely arrived back home in Yangon on July 29th. They were warmly welcomed by Acha, Sarah and YCCS students at the airport. Elizabeth is going to Trinity Christian College nearby Chicago on August 13rd. Currently she stays with our friends in Springfield, Illinois. We thank you so much for hosting her at their homes. Rachel is possibly coming back to the States for Master degree but we have not decided it yet. Please continue to pray for her.

For the time being, Rachel and I are readjusting the new situations in terms of weather and time. YCCS is now in the midst of the Fall semester ending in September. The second semester will begin by the first week of November. The enrollment at this Fall is 50 students with seven instructors teaching classes. Peham, the first YCCS graduate ever being trained at LCU in the Doctor of Ministry is now working at YCCS as the academic Dean as well as teaching classes. We thank you so much to those who helped him during his studies at LCU. Joseph Fish, the next person to Peham Dakum is planning to come to LCU at the Spring, for the Doctor of Ministry degree too. Please pray for him. Yaw Shu, one of the top students from YCCS is also planning to come to Central Christian College of Bible in Moberly, Missouri in the Spring for bachelor of Science for two years program. Currently, we have collaboration program with two seminaries in USA, that is, LCU and CCCB. The former is for Doctor of Ministry program and the latter is for Bachelor of Science in biblical studies. Both of them are two years program. Graduates from there will be teaching at YCCS and CBTC.

We also want to inform you that the China border training program for 2018 will be completed by the end of August. The graduation ceremony will be held on August 26th. The Tanai Bible training school (TBTS) will be started in the first week of September. Di Di, Seth and Isaiah are teaching again there at TBTS. We will report to you more later.

Visitation to the Supporting churches (May-July)
We visit the supporting churches in every two years. The 2018 visit was started in the first week of May and completed by the end of July. It took almost three months visiting the supporting churches. We also visited the Lisu Christian churches in USA. During our visit to the supporting churches, the followings were accomplished.

  1. Updating the mission work of MACM to the churches.
  2. Renewing relationship with the church leaders and the mission committee members both new and old friends.
  3. Speaking at the worship services and Sunday school classes.
  4. Raising funds for the replacement of the music equipment and the microphone for the recording studio but we are still in short of funds for the replacement of the equipment. Please pray for this.

Dear brothers and sisters, we thank you so much for warmly welcoming us to your churches and the hospitality shown to us during our visit. May the Lord out God continue to bless you as you continue to seek His Kingdom and righteousness. We will write to you more very soon.

Lazarus and Acha Fish
Yangon, Myanmar

We arrived in Yangon at 10:30 pm on July 29th. We were warmly welcomed by family members and YCCS students Rachel was very happy to see old friends in Yangon after two years separation.


It was a great privilege to speak at the worship services, Sunday school classes during our visit. We are so happy to see old and new friends at the supporting churches and renewed our relationship.


Lazarus, Rachel and Elizabeth also joined the Lisu convention held in St. Paul, Minnesota. Lazarus taught at the Lisu convention on “Spiritual formation”. We spent there a week.


The 50 YCCS students enrolled at this Fall, 2018. They came from different parts of Myanmar. YCCS’ selected soccer team are playing against different teams from other Bible colleges in Yangon in August.