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Updates in March 2018

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to you from Lazarus and Acha on behalf of the MACM workers. By the grace of God, the eleventh commencement exercise was successfully held on March 2nd. About 400 people attended the commencement exercise and 10 students had graduated. We are so grateful to the board for sending Warren and Rob to Myanmar to be with us on the occasion. They did very good job in their preaching and teaching at the commencement exercise and the church service during the week. Their presence and participation in different occasions and encouragement by the word of God had really lifted up our spirit and strengthened in His service.

We also took Warren and Rob to three ministry sites in Yangon. Two (churches) of them are directly related to MACM and the other ministry is children ministry run by Isaac, YCCS alumni. We enjoyed the fellowship and visitation to some families of the church members at Maw Bin Christian church. They were greatly encouraged by their visit.

We also want to let you know that Steve Stewart, the mission chairman of the Westside Christian Church and his daughter Mary visited us from March 9th through 12th. They stayed at Apollo hotel, the same hotel where Warren and Rob stayed. The hotel is very close to YCCS. We also took Steve to two ministry sites, that is, two churches and visited some families of the church members. We enjoyed tea and fruits served by them. We also want mission teams from the supporting churches to visit us in the future.

Short ministry update from January to March
Our first excursion trip by the school bus was undertaken to Pagan, the ancient city of Myanmar. We learned a lot about Myanmar architectural and sculptural relics old more than 900 years. We have learned about them from the public schools and now we saw them with our eyes. This trip enhanced the students’ general knowledge about the history of Myanmar.

The big event taking place in January was YCCS’ participation in the Lisu New Year celebration in Putao. As reported to you before, over 50,000 Lisu from different parts of Myanmar attended the celebration. Since I am currently the chairman of the Lisu Musicians and Artists Association in Myanmar, I was put in charge of the music entertainment and concerts performed on the occasion. Over 170 Lisu musicians were involved in the music entertainment program. The Lisu leaders from China, India and Thailand were also present on the occasion.

The Lisu leaders both the church and political leaders honored me with an award before the Lisu audience as a token of their appreciation for raising Lisu musical young generation. Lazarus is the first among the Lisu people in Myanmar establishing a music band in 1977. He is also the first person among the Lisu in Myanmar establishing a recording studio in 2002 and also leading the Lisu young people in the musical and cultural performance. Now we have numerous Lisu young people who are talented in music and arts, such as models, singers and musicians like Moses Fish and Sarah Fish (the model).

We also want to describe a few events taking place in February. The first event was Moses’ participation in the Myanmar solo guitar contest 2018. Over 150 solo guitarists joined the contest. The judge picked 40 persons out of the 150 contestants on the first round. Moses was among the 40. On the second round, the judge picked 12 out of 40, Moses was still among the 12. The third round contest picked 3 out of the 12 and Moses was among the 3. Out of the three, he won the second prize of the solo guitar contest Myanmar 2018. We are so proud of him and his guitar skill is amazingly developing. He graduated from YCCS and now working with MACM in music ministry.

The second event was our music ministry team visiting to Malaysia from February 9th through 19th upon a special invitation from the Lisu leaders in Malaysia. We including five Lisu musicians participated in the Lisu New Year celebration held on February 12nd in Kuala Lumpur. I preached at the ceremony, the sermon entitled “the promise land.” 450 Lisu people who work in Malaysia joined the celebration. I also
preached youth service held at 12:45 midnight on Feb. 10th, also preached at noon service on Sunday, Feb. 11st. I taught the Bible seminar held on Feb. 14th and 15th. Again I preached at Burmese fellowship church on Feb. 18th. I was so privileged to speak on different occasions during the week. We also enjoyed a late night fellowship program on Feb. 18th before we left exchanging words of thanks and encouragement to each other. We concluded our conversations at the night with a collective prayer. Our group flew back to Yangon on Feb. 19th and arriving in Yangon at 11:30 am on the same day.

The third event in February was the YCCS alumni fellowship program held on Feb. 26th. Nine alumni participated in the program. Five alumni from abroad joined via online. Each alumni presented a testimony of sharing their ministry experiences to the YCCS students. Two alumni who minister the churches in Malaysia shared their testimony through Skype. On that day, the YCCS alumni association was unanimously formed so that we may be able to reach as many alumni as possible in the future. We have started a facebook page namely, “YCCS alumni association” where every alumni can meet and share.

The fourth event was the Bible seminar held on Feb. 27th and 28th and the eleventh commencement exercise held on March 2nd as described above.
We also want to invite either the mission teams or individuals from the supporting churches to visit us so that you may be able to see what we are doing for the service of the Lord. Please come and visit us in the future. During your visit, you can teach a seminar, visit the ministry sites in Yangon and other places.

Mission trip to Nagaland
Seth, Isaiah and Di Di are currently on the mission trip to Nagaland. They left Myitkyina on March 8th and now in Naga hill. Naga people are the most primitive people in Myanmar. They also took used clothes with them to help the poor there. We provided the transportation fees for the clothes. They will be conducting Bible seminar at three separate places in the region. Please pray for them and we will hear more from them when they arrive back home.

Gospel music trip to northern Myanmar
Our gospel music team is traveling to Kachin state for open air preaching and music program (OAPM). 20 persons of us from Yangon under the leadership of Lazarus are leaving on March 27th. Four persons in our group are Christian popular singers and the rest are YCCS students. We are conducting 6 OAPM at six places in two cities. Five OAPM will be held in Myitkyina, the capital city of Kachin state and the other in Namdee city. All of them are in Kachin state. The theme for our trip is “Youth For Christ,” reaching hundreds of youths especially targeting to narcotic drug addicted young people telling them about Jesus. Three preachers, Dr. Lazarus Fish, Pastor Andrew and Dr. Hosea Fish are sharing the world of God. 19 persons on our group are presenting music: singing, praising and interpreted songs.

Our gospel music group is leaving for Kachin state on March 27th and planning to be back in Yangon on April 6th. We are reporting to you more on the open air program and the Nagaland gospel trip when arriving back in Yangon., Thank you so much, we love you.

In His service
Lazarus and Acha Fish

macm_mar_2018_01 macm_mar_2018_02
 Lazarus and the Lisu leaders in Malaysia. We enjoyed the Fellowship during the week.  Over 400 Lisu people attended the New Year celebration Reportedly over 800 Lisu working in Malaysia.


macm_mar_2018_03 macm_mar_2018_04
Lazarus preaching at the Malaysia Lisu New Year celebration with big screen ever experience. Some of those Lisu present at the New Year celebration. The camera cannot take all.


macm_mar_2018_05 macm_mar_2018_06
The YCCS teachers, staffs, the graduated students together with Warren and Rob. To this point, 244 persons graduated from YCCS during these past 14 years.


macm_mar_2018_07 macm_mar_2018_08
This is how the house of the Maw Christian church members look like. The Maw Bin Christian church is growing and currently the church building is overflown and needs a new building.