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Updates on Malaysia Trip and YCCS Thanksgiving Service
November 2018

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to you again from Myanmar. By the grace of God, the second semester has begun November 5th with 50 students and 8 teachers teaching classes. The Spring is the busiest time of the year with participation in Christmas conventions, open-air preaching and music program, Bible seminar and graduation ceremony. As reported to you before, YCCS is participating in two Christmas conventions in Rakaing state and one in Karen state and the commencement exercise will be held on February 24th. Some of the MACM US board members are coming to teach at the Bible seminar and the graduation ceremony to be held during the week. We will surely tell you who are visiting us in February.

A Trip to Malaysia
Lazarus traveled to Malaysia from November 2nd through 7th upon a special invitation from the Malaysia Care (MC). MC is a non-government organization that takes care of the refugees in Malaysia providing assistance for the refugees in education, healthcare, counseling, career training program, and social activities. It has been estimated over 100,000 refugees from Myanmar take refuge in Malaysia under the legal and physical protection of UNHCR (UN High commissioner for refugees). However, starting January 2020, the Chin refugees about 35,000 will be no more under UNHCR’s legal protection. They will be repatriated to Myanmar in January, 2020. The UNHCR will no longer renew the registration of over 60,000 Chin people in Malaysia, Thailand and India.

The UNHCR’s repatriation plan causes a big blow to the Chin refugees. Many of the churches and UN sponsored schools established among the Myanmar refugees in Malaysia are being led by Chin people. Their life has been well settled and stable in Malaysia. But now they are required to return back to Myanmar when there are no tangible development and changes have been made in Myanmar. They have no choice but to return by the end of 2019. There is an increase in the levels of depression, anxiety, and stress since the UNHCR’s announcement.

I was invited by MC to encourage the Chin people, providing positive thoughts for their return. I was privileged to meet and talk to the leaders of Alliance of Chin refugees. I also met the Middle and high school students at UN refugee school presenting words of encouragement. They are found out incredibly talented in music as listening to the choir singing. The young people are bright and well-educated in Malaysia. I also met the Chinese Christian leaders who take care of the refugee children in education. During the week, I was also privileged to preach and teach at the Lisu and Rawang churches in Kuala Lumpur.

Prayer Concerns
We are so much afraid of you for always mentioning our needs. Please do not feel pressure. Here again we want to let you know that we are still in need of help for the traveling expenses to the three Christmas conventions. As reported to you before, the need is $2,520 for a group of 31 students under Lazarus’ leadership traveling the three Christmas conventions. These three places are new locations where YCCS alumni are being involved in the leadership roles in the regions. Sein Tun, graduated in 2010 serves as the principal of Rakaing Bible school in Maw Taw city. We will see what they are doing and what MACM can be part of the ministry in Rakaing and Karen states. Your prayers and contributions for the needs is greatly appreciated. If you want to contribute, please contact, Brent, Tippin, our forwarding agent.

In His service
Lazarus and Acha Fish

Together with the Chinese Christian leaders in Kuala Lumpur, the ones who provide an education for the refugees’ children. The students’ choir singing was so harmonious and strong. These boys and girls from UN school are talented in music.


After the encouragement from Lazarus, we took a group picture together with the students from the UN school. Lazarus preaching at Rawang Christian church in Malaysia. Rawang ribe is originally from northern Myanmar.


Lazarus teaching at the Malaysia Lisu Christian church on “spiritual formation of Christian family.” Lazarus was also privileged to preach at the Thanksgiving service held at Malaysia Lisu Christian church on Nov. 4th.


Lazarus speaking to the high school students from one of the UN sponsored schools in Kuala Lumpur. The Malaysia Lisu Christian church presenting a token of appreciation to Lazarus.


The gospel concert was held at Malaysia Lisu Christian church during the Thanksgiving celebration. Lazarus and the church leaders of Malaysia Christian church at the thanksgiving service.


YCCS Thanksgiving service was successfully held on November 11st, preaching on “Grateful hearts.” Maw Bin Christian church’s choir group praising God in harmonious singing.
Kids from Htauk Gyaik Christian church, where Deborah preaches, praising God at the thanksgiving service. A group of girls from YCCS praising God in harmony and giving thanks to God.


Esther, one of the Lisu Christian popular singers, praising God at the thanksgiving celebration. YCCS chapel can accommodate only 150 people. The rest are outside the hall on the thanksgiving day.