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Updates on Relief work and Tanai Bible school
October 2018

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to you from Myanmar in the name of Jesus. By the grace of God, the first semester of YCCS has been completed and the Spring will begin in November through the end of February, 2019. We are also glad to inform you that the 2018 China border training program was successfully concluded on August 25th as reported to you before. The eleventh graduation ceremony of YCCS will be held on February 23rd, 2019.

Short Updates on Ministry

Dedication service of the new Tanai Bible training school building
By the grace of God, the construction work of Tanai Bible school’s main building was successfully completed. The dedication service for the building was held on September 24th. The church leaders in Tanai region and invited guests to the total about 156 persons joined the ceremony. The moment was filled with warm and smiling faces of the people with gladness for the blessing. I preached at the dedication service and the Christian leaders in Tanai also expressed their deep heart-felt gratitude to the churches in USA for helping financially to the cause of this beautiful Bible training facility. To this point, the men and women’s dorms, the classroom/office building have been completed. The last ones to be constructed for the Tanai Bible school are cafeteria and restrooms.

The Tanai Bible Training school is three month-term Bible training program which starts September through the end of November. The current enrollment is 32 students. The students include young people from the Christian churches in Tanai and Nagaland. Tanai has been infested with drug abused young people and the training center has been established with a great anticipation for bringing as many young people as possible to Christ.

The 2018 relief works
By the grace of God, MACM is again privileged to carry out the relief work with the grant from IDES. Myanmar civil war begun over 55 years ago is still going on and even escalating in Kachin state in the north. Especially, Tanai region in the western Kachin state is mostly affected by the civil war waged between Myanmar troops and Kachin rebel. This cause a massive evacuation of over 20 villages in Tanai area into the refugee camps established in suburban area of Tanai. There are six refugee camps in Tanai and we have reached four of them with the relief supplies. We have distributed over 1,000 bags of rice toward 347 families, that is, 1650 people have been served with rice which will cover three months. I was also privileged to preach at different camps telling them about the love of God who cares for them through the American Christian brothers and sisters far from another hemisphere of the world. Especially, non-Christian refugees listened attentively to our witness to Christ. We thank you so much to IDES for allowing us to serve these homeless and helpless people in such marvelous way.

The needs for the ministry

  1. We are participating in three Christmas conventions upon a special invitation by YCCS alumni who are now Christian leaders in the regions. The first one is to be held in Karen state on Dec. 7th and 8th and the other two in Rakaing state on Dec. 22nd-23rd and 24th-25th . 28 persons of us with sound system, are traveling to the three places. We needs $2,500 for traveling expenses to the three regions.
  2. Another prayers concern is the need ($7,000) for the third floor addition to the two story media center. Detail information is available.

In His service
Lazarus and Acha Fish

The Christian leaders in Tanai together with all Christians praying together before the building is opened to public. Lazarus and the Tanai school committee chair, cutting the ribbon balloon as a symbol of opening the new school building.


This is what the upstairs of the building looks like. Isaiah delivering a short message to audience present there. We have delivered enough money for the furniture (tables, chairs and desks) and making partitions upstairs.


The students singing choir at the dedication service. The Lisu people like singing in harmony. The dedication service was held at Lamung Kha Christian church, only a short gathering at the school building.


This is Lamung Kha Christian auditorium where the opening ceremony service was held. The Tanai Christian leaders presenting a token of their appreciation to MACM for the ministry involvement in Tanai.


Lazarus also preached at one of the Christian churches in Myitkyina during the relief work. Lazarus speaking on several occasions, especially to the refugees with words of encouragement from the Bible.


Lazarus speaking at the dedication service held at Lamung Kha Christian church. Lazarus delivering words of encouragement to the refugees before distributing the rice bags to them.
Lazarus speaking to a group of Rawang refugees encouraging them from the word of God. The 300 bags of rice distributed to the refugees at the camps in Tanai.


Another 300 bags of rice helped the refugees in the Tanai. The refugees leaders ready to take the allotted bags of rice to their respective camps.


Another 200 bags of rice distributed among the refugees at one of the camps in Tanai. Another 200 bags of rice 4 bags of rice distributed to each family.


Lazarus and the leaders of the refugee camps in Tanai before distributing the rice bags to the families. We transported the rice bags to different camps by different


The refugees at this camps are Rawang people. They left their village after villagers killed during the battle fought at village. Lazarus handing the fund over to the school committee secretary for furniture and paintings.


Lazarus and Rachel with 50 bags of rice helped to a small group of refugees in Tanai. Lazarus attending Myanmar Lisu National Conference held in the capital, discussing political issue for the Lisu people.