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Updates on YCCS, CBTC and Tanai
September 2018

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to you from Myanmar in the name of Jesus. We thank you so much for your hospitality during our visit to you in the last summer. Rachel and I safely arrived back home and serving God with all our hearts. Elizabeth has begun her Fall semester at Trinity Christian College in Chicago. For the time being, Rachel is taking rest and helping her mom at home. Acha did very well supervising the ministry during my absence in the last summer. Thank you so much for your prayers and supports throughout these years

Short Updates

Yangon Christian College and Seminary (YCCS)
The enrollment at this Fall has reached 50 students and the semester will be ended in September. There will be a school break in October and the Spring semester will begin in November. The 2018-19 academic year will be ended in February, 2019. The eleventh graduation will be held on February 23rd and 10 students are graduating. Warren Knoles, Rob Pal, Brent and Donna Tippin, members of MACM board are coming and speaking at the graduation. The Bible seminar will be held on February 20th-21st. We are also inviting YCCS alumni to a special meeting to be held on February 19th. The alumni will be sharing their ministry experiences with the YCCS students as they did the last year. We are inviting more alumni than the last year.
YCCS’ 2018 talent show was held on August 31st. The competition included solo singing, scripture recitation, drama, dance and comedy. A team that represents Mark won the 2018 talent show championship

Participation in Upcoming Christmas Conventions
The YCCS gospel music group is participating in three Christmas conventions in December. (1) The first Christmas convention is to be held on December 8th and 9th in Karen state. (2)The second one is to be held on 15th-16th of December. (3) The third one, to be held on December 22nd-23rd. The second and the third ones will be held in Rakaing state, southwest of Myanmar. We will provide sound system and performing concerts at all the conventions. It is one day driving to Karen state but to Rakaing state will be one day and one night driving. We are traveling to Rakaing state upon a special invitation by Sein Tun who graduated from YCCS in Master of Divinity 8 years ago. Sein Tun is currently serving at Rakaing Bible seminary as the principal of the school. He is also involved in the Rakaing evangelistic committee. Rakaing state will be a new mission field that we are observing what MACM can be part of the mission work there for reaching Rakaing Buddhists. We need your help and prayers for traveling expenses to the Christmas conventions. We are driving our bus. Please see bellows for more information.

China Border and Tanai Bible Training Center
The 2018 training program at the China border training center was successfully completed. 68 Students attended the training program. The graduation and closing ceremony was held on August 25th and only eleven students graduated in this year. Also 13 young people accepted Jesus and baptized in His name. The training program in Tanai Bible school was started on September 5th with 34 students. Isaiah and Di Di took only a few days at their home in Myitkyina and now they are in Tanai teaching there another three months till November. Lazarus is traveling to Tanai for the relief work there. YCCS soccer team lost at the tournament for the 2018 championship of Kachin Cup in Yangon but won the second prize. 11 teams joined the game for the Cup.

The Needs and Prayer Concerns for the need ($2,520.00)

No. Subject Traveling Gasoline Food Total Cost
1. Christmas convention in Karen state traveling 30 persons 20 hours driving for both ways $540.00 $300.00 $840.00
2. Christmas convention to Rakaing state traveling 30 persons 40 hours driving for both ways $1,080.00 $600.00 $1,580.00
Total Need $2,520.00


Lazarus Fish
Yangon, Myanmar

YCCS students enrolled at the Fall semester. Seven teachers teaching classes. 2018 YCCS soccer team that beat 10 teams and reached the final tournament for the championship.


Shine Aung received award for the best player of the year. He is our team’s font line player. Ngwa Jar, our team’s front player was also awarded a trophy for shooting the maximum number of goals in all the matches.


Lazarus and Catholic father presenting a trophy for the team that won the 2018 Kachin Cup championship. The teachers at CBTC together with the graduated students at the graduation ceremony.


This lady. Hwa Hwa received Bachelor of Ministry degree for completing extra courses. These are the students who received certificate for completing three months terms, for three years program.
Isaiah presenting award to those student who are excellent in their studies. The thirteen young people who accepted Jesus as their Savior and baptized in His name in August.


The audience attended the closing and graduation ceremony held at CBTC on August 25th. At the end of the closing ceremony, the shook hands with each other saying “good bye, see you next year.”
Moses teaching how to play guitar to YCCS students. Every YCCS student learns guitar playing very well. Moses teaching individually as well making sure every students playing correctly and systematically.


One of YCCS teachers presenting award to the leader of Mark’s team for making higher scores in the YCCS 2018 talent show. Our recording studio keeps busy recording gospel albums in different languages.